The meeting of November 8th 2010 (audio N° 2)

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The French Football Federation’s national technical director, François Blaquart, sets out a plan to filter recruits to the Clairefontaine national training camp and centre west of Paris. “We need to have a project,” he says. “[…] That we be much more pertinent in the approach, including here the evaluation of a state of mind and so on. I would say we have the means to do it. With 12 year-olds we realized that it was more difficult than with 15 year-olds […] Ideally, in fact, it would be to say, but not officially; in any case we no longer take as many kids who are susceptible to ultimately changing [nationality].” Laurent Blanc adds: “Or you [make them] pass through different selection criteria. You just have to look at the training centres. Even the Paris centre. You always see the same people because they always meet the same criteria for selection.” François Blaquart then says: “We could trace, on a non-spoken basis, a sort of quota. But it must not be said. It stays as action only. There you are, we be careful. We have the lists, at some point in time. (On tape: François Blaquart, Laurent Blanc)

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