The compelling evidence that Nicolas Sarkozy received funding from Libya

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A document signed by a senior figure in Libya in 2006 states that the Gaddafi regime approved a payment of 50 million euros to back Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential election campaign. It says the agreement was reached after a meeting between two senior officials of the regime and one of Sarkozy’s most trusted political allies, Brice Hortefeux, and Paris based arms dealer and business intermediary Ziad Takieddine (see: The Takieddine Files section on this website).
The following is a full translation of the document:

The Glorious People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
“No democracy without a people’s conference”
Date : 10. 12. 2006
Corresponding to : 10. 12. 1375
N° 1917 68 P
Foreign intelligence service
Brother/ President, Libyan African Investment Portfolio

Peace be with you
With reference to the instructions given by the liaison office of the General People’s Committee concerning the approval of support for the electoral campaign of the candidate Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidential elections, to the sum of fifty million euros.
We confirm to you the agreement in principle as to the subject cited above, having taken note of the minutes of the meeting held on 6.10.2006 at which were present from our side the director of Libyan intelligence services and the president of the Libyan African Investment Portfolio, and from the French side Monsieur Brice Hortefeux and Monsieur Ziad Takieddine, and during the course of which an agreement was concluded to determine the amount and method of payment.
Peace be with you, and the mercy of God and his blessings...
Moussa Imuhamad Koussa
Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service

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