The Syrian regime heaps praise on Sarkozy’s chief-of-staff Claude Guéant

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President Sarkozy’s chief-of-staff Claude Guéant travelled to Damascus to meet with President Bashar al-Assad on June 15th 2008. The day after, Ziad Takieddine held talks with Syrian foreign affairs minister Walid al-Moallem. In a note addressed to Guéant, dated June 16th, the arms dealer wrote: "Your visit and the meetings held in Damsacus, yesterday, have been very productive and constructive. They constitute an essential step in the Franco-Syrian rapprochement." It continued: "My interlocutor particularly wanted to inform me of their determination to develop bilateral relations between France and Syria, and this in every domain." Takieddine also mentioned the Syrian dictator’s praise for Guéant. "My interlocutor particularly wanted to confirm the excellent impression that Monsieur Claude Guéant continues to give to President Assad, as well as to himself. They consider him as an exceptional man and it is he who will assure relations at a very top level."

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