Takieddine meets Assad to prepare Sarkozy’s visit to Damascus

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Immediately after an official visit to France by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in July 2008, Ziad Takieddine travelled to Damascus the following month to prepare the ground for a visit to Syria by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in September 2008. On his return to Paris, Takieddine wrote a confidential report, dated August 18th, on his meeting with Assad. "President Bachar al-Assad and Monsieur Wallid al-Moallem particularly wanted to transmit a message of thanks and friendship to President Nicolas Sarkozy, and also to Monsieur Claude Guéant, for the welcome and also the atmosphere of confidence in the manner in which the subjects had been approached, which allowed this visit the sparkle that particularly touched President Assad," wrote Takieddine. "President Assad believes that a new page in relations between Syria and France has now been opened," Takieddine continued. "He believes that this involves strong actions from both sides."

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