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Erick Mombaerts, France Espoirs (Under 21s) team coach proposes limiting those young players with dual nationality who could later choose to play for another national team than France. Laurent Blanc gives his agreement. “Do we get to grips with the problem and limit the number of kids who can change nationalities?” asks Mombaerts. “Yes? No? So, in such a case, we have to do it under the elbow [discreetly]. That’s to say, we have to do it...But do we have to do it? I think everyone must be involved here.What do you think Laurent?” Laurent Blanc replies: “I am completely favourable. Sincerely, it bothers me very much. What’s currently happening in football, it bothers me very much. In my opinion, we must try to eradicate it. And that has no racist connotation or anything else. When people wear the France national team shirt as of 16, 17,18, 19, 30 years old, U21s, and afterwards they go off to play in North African or African teams, that bothers me enormously. That needs, all the same, to be limited. I don’t say we’ll eradicate it, but limit it in those centres.” Mombaerts then asks: So it must be 30%? A third of the kids who can change [nationality]?” François Blaquart, France national technical director says: “Not even that.” (On tape : Erick Mombaerts, Laurent Blanc, François Blaquart)

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