A fortune in property and other luxury assets

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Ziad Takieddine’s sumptuous apartment on the avenue Georges-Mandel in central Paris does not directly belong to him. The declared proprietor is Alain F., who is in fact one of Takieddine’s doemstic staff. SCI Sainte-Anne , the property company that owns Takieddine’s vast villa at Cap d’Antibes, on the French Riviera, is run by Patrick M., who is one of Takieddine’s body guards. Among Takieddine’s other assets is a motor yacht, La Diva, with an estimated value of 4 million euros, and a collection of vehicles, many of which are based at his Riviera villa. These include two classic Jaguar cars (from 1955 and 1962) and a 1960s Bentley Continental, as well as a Mercedes and a luxury 4x4 vehicle. Between 2001 and 2008, the total declared cost of maintenance for his vehicle collection amounted to 751,484 euros.

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La Bentley de Ziad Takieddine Le yacht de 24 mètres, La Diva (valeur estimée à 4 millions d'euros) La villa du cap d'Antibes Le luxueux appartement de l'avenue Georges-Mandel n'appartient pas (...)