A dinner party at Takieddine’s luxury Paris apartment

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Published here is a selection of photos taken during a grand dinner party thrown by Ziad Takieddine on June 20th 2002 to celebrate the victory of the French conservative right in presidential and legislative elections just days earlier. The guests included Jean-François Copé, newly-appointed government spokesman and who would later become interior minister and subsequently budget minister, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, newly-appointed Minister for European Affairs and later culture minister, Philippe Séguin, a former minister and conservative political heavyweight who would later become president of the national audit court, Etienne Mougeotte, current editorial director of French daily Le Figaro and who was at the time vice-chairman of TV channel TF1, Claire Chazal, the star anchorwoman of TF1’s primetime evening news programme, Charles Villeneuve, a TF1current affairs journalist and TV programme presenter Carole Rousseau, along with senior civil servants and industrialists.

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Ziad Takieddine, à table Philippe Séguin avec Gaya Bécaud (fils de Gilbert), chez Ziad (...) JF. Copé chez Ziad Takieddine Etienne Mougeotte chez Ziad Takieddine. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres chez Ziad Takieddine MM. Mougeotte et Copé et Mlle Rousseau chez Ziad Takieddine