Saudi Arabia and the Miksa project

The ‘Saudi Border Guards Developpment Project ‘, codenamed ‘Miksa’, was a contract estimated to be worth 7 billion euros for the supply by French companies of technology and material to ensure the security of Saudi Arabia’s national borders. A first part of the contract was finally awarded to EADS, the pan-European aerospace and defence consortium, in July 2009. In its original version, the contract included the supply of aircraft, helicopters, radars and highly-sophisticated communications systems. It was intended that Ziad Takieddine would receive 350 million euros in secret commission payments from the contract in 2003. These payments were to be made, under the authority of Nicolas Sarkozy, then French interior minister, via a company controlled by the interior ministry, called Civipol. The then French president, Jacques Chirac, scuppered the arms deal at the last moment after being informed of an alleged financial set-up it contained for the purpose of funding the political activities of the Sarkozy camp, which rivaled him for control of the conservative UMP party.

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350 million euros in commission payments for one contract

This schedule of payments document, joined to a contract between Civipoland and an offshore company based in Gibralter, called Blue Planet Ltd, details the payments that Civipol was to make to the company and which totalled 350 million euros. The sums were all commission payments for the Miksa contract. In the end, the payments were never made.